YMC Vol.15|この世界に反映している、神さまの美しい99の名




参加をご希望の方は以下のメールアドレス、もしくはInstagram @youngmuslimtokyo 経由でご連絡ください⠀


Young Muslim Club Vol.15 "99 Beautiful names of Allah reflected in this world."⠀

Ramadan Mubarak!⠀

The theme of the Young Muslim Club of the month of Ramadan is "Beautiful names of Allah". Love, Peace, Truth, Light ... Let's search, find and contemplate the 99 beautiful names of God reflected in this world. Bring along your pen & paper, and patience trained by saum. While keeping our social distance by Zoom, create befriending time together.⠀

If you would like to participate, please contact us via the following email address or Instagram @youngmuslimtokyo.⠀

Inquiries: ramadan@tokyocamii.org